Eric Li
Co-Founder and Project Manager

Dr. Li is currently an Assistant Professor in Marketing in the Faculty of Management at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan campus. His research interests include global consumer culture, multicultural marketing and consumption, consumer well-being, online consumer privacy, visual consumption, food consumption, fashion and culture, and digital marketing and consumption. He is the co-founder of Smart Donate initiative and the Healthy Living project at UBC-Okanagan.

Shiven Vinod Khera
Co-Founder, Student Researcher and Web developer

Shiven is one of the founding members of the Smart Donate Research! His role in the project has been to take on the portfolio of corporate relations by establishing relations with community partners involved in the research. Consistent Launch and growth of marketing campaigns is one of the other responsibilities he shoulders. As a vegan activist, he looks forward to strive for a better world through his passion of entrepreneurship!

Vaibhav Kumar
Technical Advisor

I am one of the technical advisors for the Smart Donate research team. I am currently involved in developing the iOS application for the project, which should be available soon. I have volunteered for many non-profit organizations and enjoy in doing social work. In my free time, I like to play tennis or go for a hike.

Jennifer Davis
Faculty Researcher

Dr. Davis is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management at UBC-O. Her research focuses on conducting economic evaluations alongside randomized controlled trials (i.e. cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analyses) in a variety of clinical settings where participants have mobility limitations (i.e. falls & fracture clinics) and various degrees of cognitive impairment. A core part of Jennifer's research program includes health outcomes research (i.e. exploring the value of patient reported outcome measures) in the fields of healthy aging (i.e. cognition, mobility) and various surgical outcomes (e.g total knee arthroplasty). Jennifer is a co-Director of Operations of the Falls Prevention Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital – a team-based tertiary referral falls clinic in Vancouver.

Vinil Sood
Student Researcher

Vinil is currently working on Smart Donate as a research and marketing assistant. He is a third-year management student and a co-op candidate. He wrote a research paper regarding the food banks across Canada that showed characteristics of food banks, items donated, as well as individuals that use them. As a non-for-profit, Smart Donate is a great way to get involved with the university and its research centre. Vinil has been involved with the project for over six months and seeing Smart Donate implemented on campus.

Nicole Michalewicz
Student Researcher

Nicole Michalewicz is in her third year at the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences. She is a PPE (philosophy, politics, and economics) major and psychology minor. After graduation she hopes to attend law school. As part of the Smart Donate team, Nicole works on documentation and research grant applications. She is currently working with Eric Douglas on surveying farmers and food suppliers to learn more about food waste management and donation habits in the Okanagan region. She is excited to be apart of this research and cannot wait to see where the project goes.

Philipp Eibl
Web Developer

As one of the technical advisors for Smart Donate, Philipp is responsible for the website, including its eCommerce store as well as front and back end design. He has been working as a web and mobile app developer for the past years, and is currently in his second year as a computer science undergraduate at the University of British Columbia. 

Student Researcher and International Undergraduate Research Award Receipient

Dias is one of the members of the Smart Donate research team. Entering his third year at the University of British Columbia Okanagan he is a Management major and Economics minor. As a researcher, he is involved in ensuring a successful implementation of the Smart Donate initiative and data analytics of donation behaviour. With the interests of engaging in the community involvement programs, he is eager to witness the impacts of the project on easing the burdens of food insecurity and the progress towards sustainable food consumption.

Student Researcher

Jessi is management undergraduate student entering her third year, a member of the research and marketing team for Smart Donate. As a vegetarian and environmentalist, she is passionate about contributing to the research of an environment sustainability project. She looks forward to implementing systems to improve the environmental sustainability at the university campus.

Eric Douglas
Student Researcher

Eric Douglas is a 4th year Biology major at UBC Okanagan and has a strong interest and passion for food systems, health and nutrition. He manages a food saving project on the University campus and is committed to changing the way the world deals with food waste. His role with Smart Donate is through the research of food waste and donation habits of local farmers.

Siddesh Nambiar
Technical Advisor

This is Siddesh, he is a Computer Science student who has a zeal for continued learning in computers and is a member of the project's technical team. He believes Smart Donate is a great platform to be made use of and would love to see how it all unfolds!